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Our Core Values:

Customer Centricity

Whatever queries you have, Minty can resolve it. With the customer's needs serving as the focal point, Minty crafts unique clarifications to your financial queries!

Honest Determination

Minty is determined to help you achieve the maximum through your investments. Your financial goals are of utmost importance for Minty to provide the best advice through an intelligent system.

Responsibility for your Wealth

Growing your money is the top-most priority and Minty helps you do that with the right advice. We take complete responsibility for the trust you place in Minty and ensure that your goals are achieved.

Who Are We?

An Intelligent platform that cares

Minty is India’s only platform dedicated to help you take sound financial decision.

We have a dream to disrupt the financial space by introducing innovative technology like advice on-the-go, while simultaneously offering to connect users to qualified Financial and Taxation Advisors.

Creating the perfect blend of technology and tradition, Minty guarantees to grant you your financial wishes with the click of your fingers. It is the single point destination for your financial queries and Minty is always available, wherever you are.

The Journey Has
Just Begun

With pioneer features such as Robo Advisors to understand the investments you need to make to achieve your financial goals and advice accordingly, or to know how much tax you need to pay, Minty is your only genuine advisor in the financial space.

We have worked the last few years to build robo advisors that can provide genuine advice and get your financial journey on track. In fact, Minty has helped nudge consumers in the right direction countless times. But, the journey has just begun and we are raring to go!

Minty And Financial Hospital

Minty is a product of Financial Hospital, a company established in 2004. Financial Hospital has helped over 60,000 clients with their financial goals. Minty is India’s only on-the-go platform for financial and tax advice and comes with the experience and knowledge of Financial Hospital. Available to consumers on a pan-India level, Minty will help you make your finances a success!

Minty & Fintoo

From Financial Hospital – a company established in 2004 – comes another pioneer App, Fintoo. Fintoo is a platform dedicated to Mutual Funds. While Minty guides you regarding your financial goals, Fintoo helps you actualize those goals through concrete actions, such as making the right investment. Keeping in mind our core value of customer centricity, Minty and Fintoo together make it a whole lot easier for you to track your financial requirements at one go!

Why Us?

Creating a solid foundation of correct advice to your financial goals, Minty helps you attain the stability you wish to achieve through apt investment decision. Our goal is to help individuals make the most of their wealth and Minty’s prime objective is dedicated towards this.

Our Clients Have Something To Say

Dr. Minal Seth

Deep Bhandari

Director / Consultant : Voll Sante Fucntionals Foods

Vinod Kumar Palrecha

Businessman : Chirag Kumar / Vinod Kumar

Upendar Kothiyal

Founder : Medlink Devices Pvt Ltd

Satyadev Tiwari

Chairman & CEO : Voll Sante Fucntionals Foods

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